How long are the events?

Rock at Work’s team building events are so adaptable that we can meet every client’s needs regarding time. We can create a session to last anything from 30 minutes to a whole day. For the full R@W Experience we recommend a minimum of three hours, with any extra time beyond that allowing participant's to really get creative and enjoy the process even more. As well as our suggested sessions and timeframes, we can also scale these sessions down to cater for shorter time frames and smaller groups. We also offer ice breakers and energisers that work well in a very short session.

Where is it?

Anywhere you want. We can come to you if your workplace allows it. If you want it as part of an event, then we can tailor it to work at your chosen venue. Otherwise, we offer a FREE venue finding service where we can find the perfect venue and book it for you. This can be anything from a low-cost village hall, through to music rehearsal studios, up to plush hotels and conference centres.

What if some people won't join in?

The event is totally inclusive – no musical experience is needed. In fact, no musical experience is better so we try to encourage existing musicians to take an instrument which is new to them. This is about everyone being equally out of their comfort zone and supporting each other to get a positive result and enjoy the buzz of that shared achievement.

But we recognise that some people simply hate the idea of performing so we have several alternative options. These include: Playing an equal part in the songwriting stages but performing a less prominent role on stage such as backing vocals, tambourine or shaker. Rather than learning an instrument, they become band marketing manager. This involves creating the band name, band logo, and what the band will write their song about. They will also oversee the band decision making and make notes on how well the band are working together, what their team weaknesses are, and how they can improve this working procedure. This analysis is then assessed and taken back to the office so that better working practices can be carried through into the day to day working within the company.

If you have many introverts, we can tailor the package so it allows a greater number of shy people to hide at the back whilst the extroverts come forward and go wild.

Is it all fun and games?

We make sure the whole event feels enjoyable for the participants, but beneath it all, we can build in some highly effective business based sessions that focus directly on specific needs that we identify with you in the planning stage. This event helps workgroups in the following areas:

  • Build stronger relationships
  • Energise, excite and empower the group
  • Nurture good communication
  • Help them appreciate each other’s roles, no matter how small they seem
  • Understand that the little things can make a huge difference to customers
  • Develop trust within the group
  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships
  • Make them feel appreciated by the company
  • Create positive shared memories to help them bond
  • And much more...